MM Vitaoils is able to export sunflower oil, soya oil as well as blended oil to interested parties. For more information, do email to us at or click to this link for traders' representatives at each region.
MM Vitaoils' shortening, margarine, vegetable ghee products are FREE FROM TRANS FATTY ACID. Our packaging labels are stated as TRANS FAT = 0. MM Vitaoils' products are undergoing a rapid cooling process whereby the crystals are modified to produce a solid structure such as margarine, shortening and vegetable ghee. The innovation has resulted in an increased nutritional value in our products that all products produced in MM Vitaoils' factory produces TRANS FATTY ACID FREE products. Our shortening, the Qualitaste range is a blend of non hydrogenated palm oil and palm oil fractions which makes it Trans Free as well. Marvelloso the industrial margarine and Blossommm the shelf stable margarine are palm oil based margarines which are also produced from non hydrogenated palm oil and palm oil fractions. Rise and Shine is a refrigerated margarine which has a unique blend of various palm oil fractions and sunflower oil. This margarine was formulated with a balanced proportion of saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated fatty acids with the compositions of 1:1:1 ratio as recommended by the American Heart Association (AHA) for blood cholesterol reductions. Our Products are following PORAM (Palm Oil Refiners Association of Malaysia) specifications.
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